X-Five basepad for 15x9 & 12x.40 P226 mags, dark grey (Legion)

X-Five basepad for 15x9 & 12x.40 P226 mags, dark grey (Legion)
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Magazine basepad for SIG SAUER P226 and X-Five. All calibers.

Designed specifically for a flush fit with Sig 15-round (9mm) and 12-round (.40) magazines.


Material / color: dark grey (Legion) anodized aluminum.


X-Five style. This basepad has the same footprint as the X-Five basepad, allowing you to upgrade a standard SIG P226 15-round 9mm or 12-round .40 magazine to an X-Five style magazine.


Better looks. Most P226s come from the factory with magazine basepads that are not flush with the pistol - like fitting a nice sport car with plastic rims. This basepad is flush with the front of the P226 pistol frame as well as with the back of the magazine.


Magazine compatibility:

- This basepad is designed specifically for a flush fit with Sig P226 15-round 9mm or 12-round .40 magazines, commonly shipped with most P226 pistols.

- Mec-Gar 18-round and 20-round P226 magazines are compatible but will leave a 3-4mm gap between the base of the pistol and the basepad. We do offer other X-Five style basepad designed specifically for 18-round mags.

- The body of the Sig X-Five mag is compatible but the baseplate of a standard magazine floorplate must be attached to the spring.

- This basepad can NOT be assembled directly on Mec-Gar 2-piece 10-round magazines.


This is not a capacity extension basepad. A 15-round mag equipped with this basepad remains a 15-round mag.


This basepad is not compatible with our CustomSpeed magwells. For use with our magwells please refer to our CustomSpeed basepads.



1. Take an empty magazine

2. Slide the original magazine basepad out (be careful not to let the spring jump out)

3. Slide the new magazine basepad over the magazine rails.