CustomSpeed basepad - black

CustomSpeed basepad - black
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Magazine basepad designed specifically for use with our P226 SAO/X-Five CustomSpeed magwells.

Material / color: black hardcoat anodized aluminum.

Calibers: 9mm or .40.

More reliable reloads. Ergonomic fit provides shooters with a better grip when grabbing a fresh magazine.

Extends slightly below the magwell for secure engagement, while remaining IDPA legal (unlike Mec-Gar’s PLUS 2, which makes a P226 exceed the maximum height allowed by IDPA rules).

Fit: This basepad is designed to fit and extend appropriately past CustomSpeed magwells. If used without a magwell there will be a slight gap between the bottom of the frame and the basepad. For flush mount without magwells please refer to our X5-style basepads.

Magazine compatibility:

  • Mec-Gar 18-round (9mm) or 13-round (.40) P226 magazines are required. (Sold in the Magazines product category).
  • 15-round (9mm) P226 magazines and 19-round X5 magazines ARE NOT COMPATIBLE (their body is too short) as the mag catch will not engage.
  • This is not a capacity extension accessory. 
  • Can NOT be assembled on state compliant 10-round magazines.


  1. Take an empty magazine
  2. Slide the original magazine basepad out (be careful not to let the spring jump out)
  3. Slide the CustomSpeed magazine basepad back in