Bipod, M-LOK direct attachment, cant, metal claw feet

Bipod, M-LOK direct attachment, cant, metal claw feet
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Direct attachment to M-LOK handguards.

For maximum terrain adaptability :

  • Each leg rotates independently and can be securely locked in any of 5 positions: folded forward, 45° forward, 90°, 45° backward, folded backward. A locking mechanism prevents the legs from rotating unexpectedly.
  • Each leg extends independently : there are 5 indexed leg extension position settings, allowing legs to be extended up to 4x18mm = 72mm. A locking mechanism prevents the legs from extending or collapsing unexpectedly.


Slope compensation :

       The bipod can maintain the rifle in vertical firing position on a slope of up to 50 degrees.

       When both legs are in the same position, the cant adjustment mechanism alone can compensate a slope of 25 degrees.


Leg rotation knobs and leg extension knobs are actuated by pushing buttons for easy one-handed operation. Both the rotation button and the extension buttons can be actuated with one hand while the rifle operator is in the prone position.


Precision cant angle adjustment mechanism :

  • ±25° of rotation around the rifle bore axis (cant angle)
  • The vertical position is locked in place using an ergonomic thumb screw (no lever necessary).


Metal claw feet.

The outer leg does not rotate around the inner leg, guaranteeing correct orientation of the claw feet if used on an edge.


Wide angle between the legs increases stability.



6061T6 aluminum for all CNC machined parts, hardcoat type III black anodized.

All parts are black with matte finish to prevent light reflection. 


Weight : 380g = 13.4 oz.